Tell the banks - UNBLOCK CUBA!

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Help us challenge the extraterritorial application of the US blockade against Cuba in Europe and Britain.

We need your assistance to gather evidence of how the US blockade has affected you as an individual or your organisation, particularly within the financial sector.

Have you had a bank transaction stopped? Humanitarian donations blocked? Bank account frozen or closed? If so, we need you to share your experiences with us.

We have a quick and easy form for you to complete to help us document instances of the US blockade impacting banking services outside of the United States.


If you have yet to experience a transaction being blocked, join the 1 cent 4 Cuba campaign.*

Help us to gather evidence that shows the illegal imposition of US sanctions in violation of other national laws.

Tell the banks - UNBLOCK CUBA!
#1c4Cuba  #LetCubaLive #UnblockCuba

* The #1c4Cuba campaign was launched by a group of Cuba solidarity organisations in Britain, Europe and Canada in response to banks and financial institutions outside the United States placing Cuba on their list of sanctioned countries, for fear of US fines, despite this violating national legislation which makes this illegal. The international campaign combines street protests and publicity stunts and demanding consumer rights to pursue complaints to the highest level.

For more info see Join the network, share the video and the information to your contacts

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