Scottish National Party MP Carol Monaghan opposes the US blockade of Cuba

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Scottish National Party MP Carol Monaghan has replied to a letter from Cubans in the UK demanding that the British government oppose the implementation of Title III of the United State’s legislation, the Helms-Burton Act of 1996, which enables US courts to enact legal claims against third parties dealing with Cuban entities. Below we publish Monaghan’s response.  

House of Common
London, SW1A OAA

Mr Daniesky Acosta

23 July 2019

Dear Mr Acosta,

Thank you for your email and letter concerning sanctions by the USA against Cuba.

It is a disappointing step backwards that President Trump has tightened sanctions and restrictions on Cuba that were relaxed under Barack Obama's Presidency. Of particular concern are the extraterritorial aspect of these sanctions, which are forbidden under international law.

The UK's Foreign Office has publicly condemned the extraterritorial nature of the sanctions, stating that they are "consider[ed] to be illegal under international law and threaten to harm UK and EU companies doing legitimate business in Cuba by exposing them to liability in U.S. courts"

My colleague Stewart Hosie MP, the SNP spokesperson for International Trade, has previously spoken about this issue, calling for the UK Government to ensure that the EU laws which explicitly forbid the imposition of extraterritorial laws are rolled over should the UK Government continue with its plans to leave the European Union.

The SNP will continue to oppose the imposition of laws from the United States onto businesses operating in the United Kingdom and will continue to press the UK Government to support resolutions in the UN General' Assembly which seek an end to the US-imposed embargo.

I hope this is helpful.

Yours Sincerely,

Carol Monaghan MP

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