Protest: End Sanctions Now! Imperialist Sanctions Kill!

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cuban flag event CUBA 2

Rock Around The Blockade, a campaign in solidarity with Cuba and Latin America, invites you to an international demonstration against the US blockade of Cuba and all imperialist sanctions. We will unfurl a gigantic Cuban flag to demand an end to punishing US sanctions on the island that have been imposed for 61 years; the longest and most comprehensive set of sanctions imposed in modern history. The US blockade affects Cuba's trade and interaction with the world, not just the United States.

The United States uses its control over the international financial system to turn sanctions into a weapon of war targeting more than 40 countries. These sanctions block access to food, medicine, trade, technology, and finances, obstructing development and impoverishing their populations. Many of these sanctions are unilateral but their impact is extraterritorial, obstructing exchange with other countries, often third countries are complicit or unwilling to challenge US regulations for fear of fines and retribution.

We invite you to bring you own flags and banners to join us in denouncing sanctions against Cuba and the rest of the world. 

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