DJ Javier 'La Maquina De Cuba'

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From: DJ Javier

DJ Javier 'La Maquina De Cuba'I am DJ Javier la Maquina de Cuba . I am from Havana, Cuba. I have been professional DJ for over 10 years and am international known. Music is not only my profession but also my passion, my hobby; my dream and it always been. So when I am playing it for me is like a dream come true away and I feel especially privileged to be able to keep on preforming away from my home land. I have a wide and expensive collection of music and am ready for any type of party with all genre of music. From Latin based music such as Cuban Timba, Latin Salsa, Cuban Reggaeton, Latin, new york style, Puerto Rico ranging through to Hip Hop, Pop, house and garage music. I am always ready and willing to jump on the mix and give the crowd what they want. I aspire to work in a record company, producing my own compilations and mix albums. I will continue to do my best to please my audience and dancing crowds in any part or corner of the world you happen to find me in, always happy to make you move and enjoy good music.

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